A generational changing of the guard is picking up pace driven by the demands of younger generations who recognise the urgency of the purpose agenda in the decade ahead. But it would be incorrect to paint this group as one homogenous bloc.

Our research includes a dive into the similarities and differences that cut across this demographic cohort. We identified five distinct personas ranging from optimistic activists to purpose sceptics based on how they feel about the future, what they think about business, and what actions they are most likely to take.

28% Optimistic Activists
24% Potential Supporters
21% Disengaged Persuadables
20% Engaged Pessimists
6% Purpose Sceptics
The world doesn’t have time to wait. By running Sprints, we condense what would usually take months of interviews and workshops into days.

We develop bespoke programmes in line with your requirements and timelines. Our unique format encourages original thinking to get to what really matters, fast. These Sprints have been tried and tested for a range of clients, from individuals and startups to NGOs and multinational organisations.

Tailored Sprints
01 Brand Checkup + Insights
02 Campaign Strategy
03 Brand Identity + Assets
04 Narrative Development
05 Campaign Planning
06 Launch Communications
07 Advocacy
Our planet is edging closer to hitting irreversible temperatures, with potentially disastrous consequences for lives and livelihoods. 

The response to the pandemic proved that in times of crisis, radical political, economic and behavioural change can be made swiftly. The COP26 summit will be a huge test for world leaders as they seek to invoke the same level of urgency for the climate crisis. Find out more at
Climate Counsel
The Climate Counsel is a group of strategists that works with businesses and other organisations to plan, communicate and deliver ambitious, authentic and credible climate campaigns that support the transition to net zero.
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