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Purpose matters. Your brand could probably do with it.

At Root Cause, we believe that the trusted brands of the next generation are those that know who they are and what they stand for.

We see moments of change as opportunities. In today’s world, brand loyalty is low while choice, information and purpose washing are on the rise. So how do we create brands for the next generation when functional or emotional benefits, on their own, are no longer enough?

It takes commitment to consistently deliver on purpose-led goals and build your brand to garner credibility, trust and loyalty with your audiences.

We help you answer the questions that will shape your brand for the future: How can we make your business plan and strategy sustainable? Are your employees energised and guided by your purpose? Does your reason to exist fit with your way-of-working? Is your brand meaningful and relevant to the right audiences? Does it inspire people to take action and champion your brand?

We believe the time has come for businesses and brands to step up to social and environmental challenges. That is why we made it our mission to build brands that are sustainable and meaningful in the long run.

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Matt Pitt

Matt Pitt is a brand strategist with a focus on social impact and an extensive background in politics.

After graduating from King's College London with a Master’s Degree in International Law and Legal Studies, Matt started working as a speechwriter and assistant in the UK Parliament in London. In 2011, he contributed to the book “What Next for Labour - Ideas for a New Generation” to debate about the future of the Labour party and its role in British politics.

Drawn towards the booming ecosystem in Berlin, Matt rose to the challenge of building the digital department of Hering Schuppener, the leading strategic consultancy in Germany and worked closely with leading DAX companies. 

Matt has led the branding, rebranding and positioning efforts of leading companies across numerous industries and set up brand sprints to test, iterate and build their brand frameworks.

Charline Merieau

Charline Merieau specialises in brand design and  communications for organisations with a social purpose. 

Charline notably built the reputation of Jumia, Africa’s first tech unicorn, before setting the ground for the rebranding efforts of its umbrella company. During her tenure at Rocket Internet, Europe’s most successful startup accelerator, she helped young organisations from various sectors build lasting brands through engaging storytelling, communications and design.

She advocates for digital literacy and women empowerment, most recently by organising the first Women’s conference on International Women’s Day in Berlin to drive the local community of young women to share, discover and learn through a day of short powerful talks, workshops and networking.

Charline has also moderated various panels, including at the Vizions conference with representatives of the Conseil National du Numerique. 

Purpose Union - Partner

Purpose Union is a specialist agency comprised of strategists united by the belief that the world is better off when companies and organisations think, act and communicate with a defined social purpose.

Our purpose is to combine our knowledge, experience and connections in the private, public and social sectors to help organisations drive social change and achieve their strategic objectives at the same time.

We work with our clients to develop compelling narratives, identify winning arguments, build valuable coalitions and create distinctive campaigns. Our team comprises a new and diverse generation of strategists, which enables us to offer world class advice to our clients in a digitally native and increasingly millennial-driven world.

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